You Can Top-Up e-Money Without Administration Fees in These 5 Countries

The polemic about the additional costs when working on e-Money refills was completed with intelligence regulations that had been decided by Bank Indonesia. However, there are still pros and cons to the intelligence, and e-Money users still have to pay additional fees when refilling balances.

Unlike Indonesia, these five countries even free up administrative costs when working on refilling the rest of e-Money. Call it Malaysia, among neighboring countries that provide free fees to top up e-Money. Want to know other countries that free additional charges in top up the remaining electronic money? Check out the review in the following article.


It turns out, Malaysia has already used electronic money compared to our country. Just like in Indonesia, Malaysia also uses e-money for transportation needs to purchase goods at retail outlets. E-Money providers in Malaysia also come from banks and non-banks. However, non-bank providers are mushrooming compared to banks. Even, Bank Negara Malaysia, as the central bank, does not preach additional costs when refilling balances. So, you can fill in the rest for free without any discounted fees.


One developed country, Japan, also set an intelligence in which e-Money users do not need to worry about additional fees when working on top-up. This will be the most reasonable because Japan is labeled as a country with rapid technological civilization.

Two e-Money providers that are very popular and not least used by the community are Suica and Pasmo. Uniquely, the scope of electronic money in Japan is broader. Not merely for transportation and purchasing goods at retail outlets because the card can also be used to make food purchases in restaurants to drink coffee in cafes. You can also buy clothes at the mall with e-Money cards.

Hong Kong

Still, with countries in the Asian Region, this time, let’s discuss e-Money in Hong Kong. Following Singapore and Malaysia, Hong Kong also gave the intelligence that the remaining top up of electronic money is not subject to any discounted fees.

Naturally, intelligence in Hong Kong has matured since the country has decided on the e-Money method since 1997 for transportation to shopping. One e-Money provider that is very popular in Hong Kong is the Octopus Card.

What’s interesting about this Hong Kong e-Money is the presence of a sharing cost system where this is a scheme of the e-Money provider that collaborates with transportation services to cover all the costs of e-Money infrastructure. With this system, e-Money charges are also lighter so that they can hold unique promos for their users. A good system, huh?


Not far contrary to Malaysia, the country with the lion head emblem also does not impose additional fees to refill the rest of e-Money. Singapore has already used the electronic money method.

Usually, e-Money in Singapore is used to facilitate all kinds of transactions, for example, for toll payments to pay for groceries at retail outlets. Singapore’s policy does not set additional fees when the top-up is confirmed by Alvin Lie, an Ombudsman Member of the Republic of Indonesia. Singapore who recently legalize gambling in certain city will utilize e-money into gambling business, further more people won’t need to bring cash to exchange gambling chip or to play in, it will be using e-money.


In closing, let us take a peek among countries in the European Region, England. The e-Money payment method has been applied for a long time in the UK to purchase goods and transportation. The good, among e-Money in the UK, has the name Oyster Card can be used to make purchases in all regions of the United Kingdom.

There is another advantage of this e-Money card, which is to be able to refill the rest without having to incur any additional costs. When you vacation in the UK, then you must have this e-Money card. But take it easy, you will not lose because you can get the funds back when the card has not been used.

You can see that the difference in the way e-money in each country is in contrast with Indonesia. Hopefully, in the future, Indonesia can also provide more effective intelligence for mutual comfort. What do you think?

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