This is The Reason Why You Still Need a Credit Card Even If You Have an E-wallet

You millennials must already have several digital purses, aka e-wallets on their smart phones. Having a digital wallet does have many conveniences, plus promos are also scattered everywhere. Even so you still need a credit card name.

Amid the rush to call for less cash society or non-cash society, the presence of a digital wallet is a necessity. It is easier for people to make financial transactions without having to bother choosing which bank account to use or coming to an ATM machine to withdraw cash.


Even if you do not have an account at a bank, you can also use a digital wallet by topping up in cash. This kind of creativity is a form of high community needs, especially those included in the unbanked category to get financial services.

Through a digital wallet, you can do everything from paying monthly electricity bills, water, to pay up your online casino balance while playing agen bola terpercaya in the most trusted site like Yukbola. All you have to do is transfer the funds in your personal account to your favorite digital wallet, and from there you can use it for your needs to play casino games.

This is not yet added to the other conveniences that can be obtained from every purchase at famous merchants. From cashback to discounted promo for purchasing certain items, digital wallet users can get it.

Most popular e-Wallet

Based on Bank Indonesia (BI) data, there are currently 38 digital wallets that have official permits from the government. A total of USD 1.5 billion in revolving funds for transactions using digital wallets, is projected to increase to USD 25 billion in 2023.


In Indonesia the use of e-Wallet is dominated by digital wallet integrated with online transportation applications such as Gojek and Grab. Based on research by AppAnie, a data analysis company based in the United States, the 5 most popular digital wallets in Indonesia are Go-Pay, OVO, DANA, LinkAja and Jenius.

In the research also mentioned that Go-Pay became an electronic wallet with the most active users. As of February 2019, the transaction value reached USD6.3 billion, of which 70 percent was generated from Gojek payment transactions.

So high, 30 percent of all electronic money transactions in Indonesia were contributed by Go-Pay. Although it is easy to use and many benefits can be taken from a digital wallet, it does not mean you do not need other financial products.

There must not be a condition where your cellphone is lowbatt while there is a need to be paid right away. Imagine how difficult it is? Besides that, there are also other benefits that make you still can not leave a credit card even though there is an e-wallet.

Credit card

Credit cards are magic cards issued by banks. Said to be powerful because of its ability to help you when in a pinch.

When you need extra funds for sudden needs, you can use them to fulfill them right away with payments that can be made later when you pay.

Based on data from the Indonesian Credit Card Association (AKKI), as of August 2019 a total of 17,302,241 cards had been issued. This amount resulted in transactions of 222,378,266 times. As for the transaction value generated, it has reached Rp.217.73 trillion. It shows that credit cards are still needed by many people.

Nature transactions on credit cards and digital wallets are different. The promos on the digital wallet are mostly used for shopping for food or drinks, while the promotional credit cards used are usually in fashion products and travel accommodations.