How to Take Care of the Laminating Machine To Last In Use

The new year does the machine have to be new? If the wallet is more, it doesn’t seem to be a problem, but if you want to save more, it’s better to take care of the machine to keep it durable. How does the technique of maintaining goods or computers last? Many technologies that we can do to treat, not only concentrate on the engine but if you have a device that is concerned with electricity, you also have to listen to the electrical power to keep it stable so that the engine remains durable and not easily damaged.

Many printing people in business maintain their production machines to work on the work processes that are in full swing — example like a laminating machine. The laminating machine will last a long time and can even avoid damage when diligently working on maintenance on a laminating machine. A laminating machine is a component that is useful for coating paper using film material to prevent the destruction of paper or important documents. This can avoid liquid objects or other objects that can damage the document.

If there is a breakdown in the laminating machine, this business can harm your printing business. Because it has cost and estimates a long time in the repair process, this business can hinder your printing business. Well, before the laminating machine you have feels the damage, we will submit tips on how to maintain a laminating machine:

Tips for Overcoming Lamination Machines To Avoid Stickiness

When working on the lamination process, the hot temperature on the machine roll can melt the adhesive from the laminating bag. The adhesive can help tie the document pouch that will be laminated. As the resin is dissolved during the lamination process, it is very likely that some of the liquid will rise from the laminating bag on the machine roll, which can provoke performance. However, we can avoid this interference, by sticking items in the carrier.

Tips to Prevent Congestion on Laminating Machines

To avoid congestion on the machine, how good it is always to use the carrier when working on the laminate. This method is best for counteracting jams on laminating machines.

Before using a laminating machine, how good a machine that has been diligent in controlling or checking. Is there a cable that is not tight or there may be other connecting cables that are loose or problematic. If there are components that are in trouble, how good if corrected first before further destruction occurs towards the other parts. And you can’t forget to be diligent or do it routinely washing the laminating machine roll.

If you want to use a laminating machine, make sure the engine unit is in a clean and dry atmosphere. The dirt that enters the engine unit can burn because of the heat. If there is water, there is the potential for a short circuit. Know the settings for setting temperature, and check the heat level.

Know Damage in Laminating Machines

Buying new goods for a business venture that is lived, need to guard the assets of the business assets. Certainly not wanted when the products that have been purchased with a distance of many days there is damage. Considering the matter, it is necessary to ask to maintain and protect the machine, such as the laminating machine. Laminating machines are machines that have been found to have been damaged or not good enough in the process, for example, destruction, i.e., sticky, jammed or even overheated. If you have not been proficient in using and getting to know a laminating machine, it will cause such problems.

If there has been destroyed as above, what should be done? Buy again. It’s a solution but needs to be considered still: D. Do not be lazy to take care of laminating machines and other objects. Be diligent in taking care of him. Next, we will say a little about the destruction and maintenance of the laminating machine.

First Damage, is that the Roller rotates but cannot press (the heating element does not function) this destruction can occur because of Damage to the relay, temperature regulator potentiometer, and heating element damage. Because the heating element finds an AC voltage supply by connecting the relay contacts, then when the relay has a problem the heating element will not get a voltage supply to the point that it becomes useless (not hot).

This is indicated by the pointer at the temperature meter not moving. For those who can understand that the relay is indeed damaged, it is necessary to check it on the laminating machine.

If destruction is not in the relay, it can be broken down on a heat-regulating temperature regulator potentiometer. A dilapidated potentiometer will cause the thermostat circuit not to work to drive the relay because the potentiometer needs to be checked whether it is still good or has been damaged.

If the relay is not dilapidated and the potentiometer is the same, but the heating element still does not work, then it could be a large amount of destruction that occurs in the heating element itself. Damage to this heating element has been common.

The damage is because one or both of the heating elements are not hot while the temperature-meter pointer moves to indicate a certain temperature range and appointment can change when the potentiometer setting is changed. Heating elements that have been dilapidated must be replaced with the same type or model.

The second damage, often caused by the “forward-reverse” switch, has been damaged. This switch has two contact positions. If that happens then, the contact in both situations has been destroyed. For convincing him, the switch needs to be tested. However, if the switch does not experience damage, it could be a machine jam on the mechanical element or on a motor element that has been damaged.

The case of motor destruction has the same chronology as the problem of heating element damage.

Third Damage, this third destruction can be due to the “forward-reverse” switch that has been problematic; that is, the position of the contact is no longer useful. And the solution, Switch needs to be replaced with a new one.

Fourth Damage, this destruction has many kinds of damage. It could be the cause of fuse, AC cable, or switch on / Start. All need to be checked one by one so that the destruction found on the laminating machine can be seen.

To anticipate laminating machines from damage. Please check the bolt installation section and tighten the bolts that make the cylinder settings both on the right and on the left, adjust the bolt until the desired results are reached, but it should not be too tight because it can cause the heater cylinder difficult/unable to rotate. Try again to just laminate/experiment.

From the information above, it can be concluded that it is diligent in taking care of the laminating machine because the laminating machine is a machine that is very urgent for its use, namely to protect critical files such as certificates, certificates of appreciation, certificates, etc. Even the process of creating an ID card or name tag can be worked out using a laminating machine, so use the laminate machine as well as possible and know the technique of using a lamination machine so that the engine does not break during the lamination process.

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