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5 Card Printing Technologies You Should Know

There had been times when the identity recognition was a biggest question, but with the development of ID cards, it has become easy as pie. The development of ID cards has increased the reliability on a person related to the organization. It has solved many securities related issue as there are many departments who deal with the confidential work. With the evolution in technology, the ID printing techniques have also evolved gradually. The hustle of going through stuffing a toner cartilage into the laser printer and still not getting where all the ink is vanishing so fast, an office person can relate too well with the problem.

Going through printing problems is a common issue we all face in our daily lives. When it comes to professionally printing the ID cards, it seems a huge task to handle it personally. Rather it is sensible in hiring a professional agency for it. There are many printing techniques available in the market. It is important that you should know about all the technologies, to make a decision to choose, which one is best suited for your environment.

Few printing technologies are given below:

PVC plastic card technology


In this ID card printing, a simple plastic card is provided which is the ideal form of the cards usually useful in printing driving license, payment cards, employee identity badge etc. The technology can only be enhanced by installing RFID or magnetic strip to extend its application from just an employee card to a gift card. Printing an image on the cards is not a challenge and can easily be done using dye sublimation technology.

Monochrome printing

This kind of printing allows a single color printing technique like white, black, gold, red, silver, blue etc. If the finances are tight and you do not want to invest much into it, this is the best suitable technique for you. This is the ideal technique which can be used when no picture is required to be printed. It is usually used in printing the bar codes.

Color Printing


When the simple plastic cards are passed through a procedure to put high quality colors for printing logos and images a color printing technology is used. The plastic cards are passed through the heated color panels through the print head over the colors sprinkled in the ratio of 11.8 dots per mm.

Ultra violet security panel

The places security is an alerting issue, this is the best suited technique for them. A cost-effective form of securing the system through an advance form of technology where an fluorescent image is shown when passed through UV light. It fights against frauds and counterfeit cards.


There are many firms which require the cards not just to showcase some information but also to store and hold some information. Encoding cards are the most functional cards. The encoding is done using any of the three methods; magnetic stripes, contactless IC and contact IC used for financial purposes.