Top 9 ID Card Printers of 2019

Whether you run a business, school, university or just require a photo identification you require a proper ID card printer. If you do not hire an agency for the purpose, you must have a proper knowledge which printer is the best suited for your environment.

Following is the list of top ID cards you can consider:

Magic Card ProntoMagicard-pronto-id-card


It comes with a software installed of Bando Bronze which provides not just drag and drop layout but also the premade templates of different kinds. The printer also ensures the most professional looking recognition taglines and borders which are possible. It also comes with a two-year warranty. With easy set up, it can also print one dimensional bar codes. It has drawback, it jams very occasionally.

Alpha Card pilot

When there is on demand production, the production must be quick and hence this printer is the best suited for such conditions. It boosts up the speed to thirty-five seconds to color the wholesome and just seven seconds for monochrome printing. It becomes an ideal printer for small business with a hand fed operation which eliminates a storage need. It has an integrated watermark system which is important for the firms who like to place a tag. It also accepts the re-writable cards. The drawback of this is, it needs ethernet connection.

Evolis Zenius

This printer is capable of taking it as a challenge in printing any form of cards and is very good with it. Be it for an employee badge or transportation pass, Evolis Zenius is the best one. The cord software installed work together with intuitive interface and configuration system to monitor and manage internal functions and display relevant information.

Badgy 100


The cost effective printer with plug in drivers and play drivers which is operable for both operating systems, windows and Mac. The compact in design and includes fifty blank cards for printing. It also has a built in notification system which provides a trigger utility. The drawback is, it does not offer edge to edge printing.

Datacard SD260

This printer is best suitable in providing vibrant colors with superior color management programming. Though the driver installation takes time but internal parts are biodegradable. It has built in low supply alerts. The draw back is, it is heavy in size.

Fargo Dual Sided

It is feasible in creating a professional quality membership card in no time. It has many features embedded, giving all in one appearance which includes, an on-board camera, capability of holding a card with thickness of 9 to 40mm. It has an automatic ribbon detection and is energy efficient.

Evolis Primacy


The printer is both windows and mac compatible. It has an efficiency of printing a whole batch of 120 single sided printed cards in mere one hour. With integrated ethernet connectivity, multiple users and work together even from different locations. Has a drag down customization.

Magicard Enduro 3E

With bright lcd to easy reading facility and unique HoloKate technology, it outstands the competition. It can make colored cards in mer twenty-five seconds. It also has an option of four integrated watermark application