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E-Money Benefits That Make Easier on Every Transaction Today

Living in sophisticated times with so much busyness that is happening now, makes many practical things born, and makes it easier for everyone. The ease that you can get is not only focused on one thing but spread to almost all sides of your daily work. One that is proliferating at this time is e-money or electronic money.

Many uses of e-money can be obtained because nature is suitable to be applied in any field, from the business world to shopping. Even now you can purchase item in game using e-money, like top up your toll credit balance seamlessly. So what are the uses for e-money? Here are the reviews!

Reducing Barriers to Activity

The development of technology is one of the things that facilitates human survival. Activities that are not uncommon for you to do daily can also be passed with no limits, moreover with the presence of online media. All obstacles and burdensome bureaucracies can be done practically and flexibly. Of course, this affair is a favorite, after all, for those urban communities who are known to have solid activities.

In financial matters, electronic money or e-money is arguably popular with a growing trend in cashless lifestyles. This is indeed true, considering that for e-money you can do any transactions for activities, ranging from purchasing top-up vouchers, paying bills, to buying travel tickets like those contained in TrueMoney services.

Can Do Business The Practical Way

Not only makes it easy for customers, but e-money is also able to create new entrepreneurs or mature ones who have become more practical in running their business. Today, not a few fields of business related to the online world from sales to financing, TrueMoney is one of them. Therefore, there is a TrueMoney Agent that not only provides so many benefits of financial transactions but also as a business opportunity for the community. By becoming an agent, we not only get e-money to make things easier, such as purchase transactions and bill payments but can also get additional income from commissions on each transaction made.

Besides, for those of you who already run a business, we can quickly and smoothly make salary payments to employees each month. Therefore, TrueMoney can also partner with all business people to support the salary payment system or employee payroll. This is desirable to increase our practicality as entrepreneurs.

Benefits of E-Money Can Distribute Hobbies

After listening to the previous 2 points, it has been proven that the benefits of e-money are not so few and are very helpful to the community. But in fact, it does not merely reach these matters, and e-money is also able to create gamers more freely working on hobbies. It is common knowledge, among the games that are at least slightly in demand when this is an online game. Not only children who enjoy it, but adults are also absorbed in it. In doing this game, it is not just an internet connection that becomes an important element but also online game vouchers. People who claim real gamers certainly can not be far from online game vouchers because the matter is very urgent in the course of the game. With this voucher, all players can buy weapons or different items needed to win the game.

The vouchers offered are also often very diverse. If you want to buy it with e-money, TrueMoney spends starting from Digicash, Game Wave, Gemscool, Google play, Molpoint, Steam Giftcard, FB Voucher, to Wave game. Complete, right?

Payment of Transactions to Merchants

It is less thorough if discussing the use of e-money without discussing the facilities obtained in payment transactions at merchants. Cashless transactions with e-money often have collaborated with so many merchants, so when you buy something there, you can do it without cash. Of course, this matter is most helpful after all in a forced state like when you do not have time to bring the contents of a bag of cash. For example, TrueMoney, as a financial service provider company, is expanding and partnering with minimarkets and many dining establishments.

After witnessing how useful e-money is for so many activities, it’s time to move on. As a first step, you can start by downloading the TrueMoney Indonesia software in Playstore, and then register according to the appropriate steps and criteria. As additional information, TrueMoney does not merely provide electronic money, you know, but also transfers cash without an account.

The Best Sites for Making Name Cards Online and Smooth

Your business card often impresses one person has your business. So it’s very urgent to create a business card with a good design. Besides the need to convey confidence and a clear message about what you did on your business card, but also need critical contact information so that people can contact you later.

If you have just started your business or your finances are saving on each expense, you don’t need a professional designer to create your business card. There are not a few sites to create online business cards with templates that can be used with the simplest and certainly free techniques.

Site for making online name cards:


Psprint is another site that provides tools to create customizable online business cards. It takes longer to create business cards with this tool, but you can add text, images, objects, restrictions, shading, and more. offers simple online software for creating business cards.
You can choose the text to be thick or increase in size, and you will be able to watch the preview of the design you have edited.

Design Mantic

Mantic Design offers a collection of modern business card designs for you. After choosing a design, you can add personal information, upload logos, and process fonts or text colors before printing them.


The Jukebox offers many business card templates for you to choose from. Each template can be modified so that you can include your name, contact information, and the color of your business brand.

Business Card Maker

Business Card Maker offers a collection of the most varied business card layouts for free. Each can be edited solely with many clicks. You can upload your logo and redirect the text box before saving your file. The Business Card Maker is the one that mostly used by online betting trusted sites in Asia to promote their online football betting site.

Business Card Star

Business Card Star offers collections that are not small for business card templates to choose from. All layouts are categorized by style, like “corporate” or “ornate,” and can be adjusted to fit your business brand and contact information.

Business Card Land

Business Card Land has a tool for creating simple business cards with only a few steps. First, select the layout, then fill the form with all your contact information, and finally, adjust the colors in your template to match your business brand.


Canva is often used to create social media images. But besides that, canva can also be used to create business cards. You can choose from among the suggested layouts, or make it yourself from the start. It takes longer to create business cards with Canva, but with Canva, you can adjust not a few things from background images to text types.


FreeLogoServices offers many customizable business card templates. Business card templates are sorted by industry to help you find the best layout for your business. Each element on a business card can be processed or moved.

9 Things That Must be Printed on The Employee ID Card

The existence of ID cards in a company has essential benefits, both for employees and for superiors. This card will become an identification as well as a practical information provider at the job site. It can also be used as a security tool and a special tool to access many areas in the office. So, what content or components must be on the card?
Make Sure These 9 Things Are On Your ID Card

Photos of Employees

This component is the first thing that becomes the standard of an identification card. Photos must be placed on the front of the card and easy to see. The function of this employee portrait is as a very credible employee identification device. He even almost like interesting fingerprint information aka different in each.

Company Logo

The next component that must be printed on the ID card is the company logo. The aim is certainly to show the professionalism and eligibility of the company. Make sure the company logo is created attractive, clear, and has an elegant appearance. Later, the color and design of the card must be consistent with the appearance of the company’s logo so that it doesn’t look mismatched.

Personal Information

Because an ID card does not have a size that is too large, then make sure the personal information listed is not excessive. What is very important is information on name, position, and employee number.

Data Code

In this modern era, there have been not a few ID card innovations that are integrated with data code information. Call it to code coding in the style of barcodes, RFID tags, and smart chips. These features are useful as a store of employee information to identification devices to access company buildings. In this way, the security of the company is automatically maintained.


To increase the authenticity of the identification card, you can add the employee signature component to the card. This can also be used as a security rule, where the signature placed by the employee must be identical as stated on the identification card.

More Securities

Still not satisfied with the level of security of the employee identification card that we made? You can add more security value to your employee card. The method can be by attaching employee fingerprints or handing a hologram layer to the card. Both of these techniques will minimize the multiplication of identification cards by irresponsible individuals.

Strong material

So that the ID card is not easily damaged, then you must choose a card that is durable and withstands a lot of interference. An example of a kind material recommendation is PVC or plastic material that can last up to five years. Avoid using paper materials as raw material for identification cards. Because this material is easily torn, not waterproof, and easily fade.

Card Shape

In general, the format of a company identification card is a rectangle. The position can be in a vertical or horizontal position. Well, there are times when you have to consider the position format of this ID card. If employees use the ID card, each of them comes to the customer. Then the card format is recommended to contain much company marketing information.

Card Design

Card design must look attractive but still have functional properties. Choose a card design that matches the company’s identity. Besides, through the right design and graphics, you can indirectly say a message about your company. For example, our company is in the world of buying and selling batik cloth. So it is recommended that the card be given a certain batik motif design.

For more information about the details of ID card technology, please read more at The site, who is an AIDC expert. Thus, the information presented has been useful for our various problems related to the world of technology.

Benefits If You Have a Member Card

We are sure that it will launch 90% of you as readers who have membership cards. If you don’t have a membership card, you can comment below, who knows if someone can offer it. Friends a member card is a technique created by “retailers” both retail and others who have tied up their customers, indeed not tied with ropes. The point is that you can keep on returning to the vendor, with the benefits for you, discounts and other unique promo events.

Try to check, and you have more than a member card in your pocket, more can be less than money and even an ATM card. It doesn’t matter you have too many membership cards, provided you can get the benefits and benefits and benefits that you can get by becoming a member of the shopping center. Get a membership card, open all centers to buy large to small items that have program membership cards, and gas stations until the special yellow ones are removed from the membership card. For those who are further away, let us peel more deeply about the benefits of member cards in more crowd centers. Member Card Functions:

Identifying Number of Customers

Know you only find benefits including discounts and can trade from locations that you make members. But avail of the member card for the owner of the business or the seller to know the number of customers, with this technique can think of dividends that can be obtained through the member program cards provided, and support new programs that are more attractive.

Loyalty customers

Once you have a membership card and feel the benefits, you must be a member in another location in the hope of getting more benefits. Of course, you can see what the seller can give to us, the owner. For business owners avail of the member, cards can bind you even longer to stay in place. Thus customers will be loyal to the brand and store of the member card issuer.

Promotional Facilities

In point 3 this becomes knowledge for us to have a member card, you know, indirectly you will make a shop sale or the location we create a member card. Starting from the other if the businessman makes program membership to his customers become a means of promotion. Why can it be a promotional tool? Because more and more members of our business, will have the opportunity for customers to get existing discount products and programs, in terms of management, he said word of mouth hehe.

Such is the explanation about the benefits of membership cards, the contribution of this function can be knowledge for us as readers, moreover having a membership card. For business owners who have started to see significant opportunities from the presence of program membership cards, they can begin with program approval and what benefits they want to convey to customers. Many card printing tools can print cards up to contradictions to even use your potential members.

The Most Important Benefits of Employee Id Cards for Every Company

Id cards are identification tags that are very urgent to use. Id cards are cards that contain everything that can stretch about someone for example name, age, gender, date, and address. With this information, different people will find it easy and comfortable for foreigners to greet. Id cards are the most important thing for employees because that matter is a sign as a member of a particular company. Without an ID card, it means that there is no bond with the company as an employee. Employee id cards are not only intended as a card to show identity but can also give a meaning to the company’s procedures and guard the company’s image.

Usability of Employee Id Cards

As already explained that the employee id card is an identification that must be used if used in the company. Using an id card is a must. But behind this need also has its meaning. The following is the use of id cards for employees in a company.

      1. When welcoming friends or consumers can submit a neat image.
        Moreover, attention is a special thing when dealing with consumers directly and also used to guard the image of the company.
      2. Id cards can give a formal and rapid impression when everyone uses an ID card in the office. This also provides a positive reaction when working on office work.
      3. With the id card, it will make it easier for someone to analyze other people to be asked for help or limited to greeting. Therefore, each employee must wear an id card containing the name and division.
      4. Distinguishing and alienating between employees and not employees. It is very urgent to ward off the influx of intruders in the office and strive to do evil, for example, terrorists. So from that for the security argument, it is necessary to use an id card.
      5. Id cards can also be used as a tool for presence. By implementing this business, each employee will be more disciplined in work because absenteeism must use an id card. For such absences often use a metallic id card that has a secret code and the technique to use it is by swiping on the attendance machine.

        [caption id="attachment_593" align="aligncenter" width="535"] Benefit of ID Cards Usage[/caption]

      6. By utilizing the id card while working, it will make it easier for different employees or members of the board to know exactly what elements and names they want to know further. Sometimes even well-known employees will be given more salaries, so this matter is essential.
      7. Id cards that are also programmed can be used as devices that are used to open a room solely by using the method. So with that business can be easier and more effective without having to bring a big key everywhere. It’s the same purpose where employees in Online Casino must have ID Cards to segregate their duty, Customer Service cannot access a server room which contain data player to ensure data privacy security. Because the company as the aggregate of Online Bookies and Casino Game provide 100% security of data registration process and strong encryption when member want to play by logging in their username and password securely.
      8. By introducing an id card when going to a different company, the business is indirectly a great indirect promotion. What’s more with that promotion will make your company more famous.
      9. The price used to create an ID card is not too expensive.

      Interesting Model of Id Card Places

      After talking about the employee ID card then the next is to install the location on the ID card so that it is not easily damaged. There are so many types of id card locations that can be chosen like plastic, iron and even leather. But the skin is very popular. So from that to explore people who sell the site of the id card skin is very little and not tricky.

ID card student

Types of ID cards printing

I still remember the first time I looked at my teacher wearing an ID card, I felt so fascinated about them! The different outlook and unique pattern presented a professional look. That was some ten-year-old back story, it remained interesting for that was the first time we were seeing to the ID cards. The time when it came into existence, it proved it’s worth in every sense. The security statistics proved successful development. As the ID card system became successful the manufacturing companies accepted the boon. With time the pattern of cards, color, format, use got updated. Every ID card varied in thickness, material, and sizes.

Let us go through nine types of ID card printing:

Composite ID cards

These cards are also the simple kind of articles in which you do not need to install any embedded system, chip or control access. The material is a composition of two elements: PET and PVC. Where both substances are in an exact composition of forty and sixty percent. Some suppliers though sometimes supply the material in the composition of both substances in one is to one ratio.

Composite ID cards

Pre-Printed cards

There are few ID cards where you have your names and other specifications filled manually and the complete details can be filled later providing the flexibility of time and efforts. These kinds of ID cards are usually used in the companies with deal with new employs and trainees almost on a daily basis.

Proximity ID cards

These kinds of cards have the information which can only be read and cannot be edited, once is taken out. If the updates and corrections are to be made, he has to get the new ID card printed out. The cards can be read through any possible card reader available.

Proximity ID cards

School ID card

These cards are the cheaper form of PVC cards. The ID cards have the frames and case embedded inside. The ID card’s information has to be updated every year for the new students and thus have a seasonal requirement every year.

Visitor access card

This kind of card is formed just for the visitor who appears occasionally. The printing is in a standard format on a plain paper with a tag of ‘Visitor’.

Visitor access card

Bio-Degradable Cards

These cards are the type which is a great initiative taken by Go Green MNCs. The cards can be decomposed with a surety of safe environment.

Over Laminated Cards

When the PVC material card is laminated, they become bearable to tears by the thickness of lamination plastic. The lamination has a glossy and matte layer.

100% PVC card

The 100% PVC card is made up of PVC material as the name suggests. The card is the simplest kind, where no embedded system is installed nor any access control is given. These are of a standard size 84*56 mm as one type and the other type 56*84 mm. The choice remains with you if you want to get the Icard in the portrait mode or landscape one.