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5 Card Printing Technologies You Should Know

There had been times when the identity recognition was a biggest question, but with the development of ID cards, it has become easy as pie. The development of ID cards has increased the reliability on a person related to the organization. It has solved many securities related issue as there are many departments who deal with the confidential work. With the evolution in technology, the ID printing techniques have also evolved gradually. The hustle of going through stuffing a toner cartilage into the laser printer and still not getting where all the ink is vanishing so fast, an office person can relate too well with the problem.

Going through printing problems is a common issue we all face in our daily lives. When it comes to professionally printing the ID cards, it seems a huge task to handle it personally. Rather it is sensible in hiring a professional agency for it. There are many printing techniques available in the market. It is important that you should know about all the technologies, to make a decision to choose, which one is best suited for your environment.

Few printing technologies are given below:

PVC plastic card technology


In this ID card printing, a simple plastic card is provided which is the ideal form of the cards usually useful in printing driving license, payment cards, employee identity badge etc. The technology can only be enhanced by installing RFID or magnetic strip to extend its application from just an employee card to a gift card. Printing an image on the cards is not a challenge and can easily be done using dye sublimation technology.

Monochrome printing

This kind of printing allows a single color printing technique like white, black, gold, red, silver, blue etc. If the finances are tight and you do not want to invest much into it, this is the best suitable technique for you. This is the ideal technique which can be used when no picture is required to be printed. It is usually used in printing the bar codes.

Color Printing


When the simple plastic cards are passed through a procedure to put high quality colors for printing logos and images a color printing technology is used. The plastic cards are passed through the heated color panels through the print head over the colors sprinkled in the ratio of 11.8 dots per mm.

Ultra violet security panel

The places security is an alerting issue, this is the best suited technique for them. A cost-effective form of securing the system through an advance form of technology where an fluorescent image is shown when passed through UV light. It fights against frauds and counterfeit cards.


There are many firms which require the cards not just to showcase some information but also to store and hold some information. Encoding cards are the most functional cards. The encoding is done using any of the three methods; magnetic stripes, contactless IC and contact IC used for financial purposes.


ID card student

Types of ID cards printing

I still remember the first time I looked at my teacher wearing an ID card, I felt so fascinated about them! The different outlook and unique pattern presented a professional look. That was some ten-year-old back story, it remained interesting for that was the first time we were seeing to the ID cards. The time when it came into existence, it proved it’s worth in every sense. The security statistics proved successful development. As the ID card system became successful the manufacturing companies accepted the boon. With time the pattern of cards, color, format, use got updated. Every ID card varied in thickness, material, and sizes.

Let us go through nine types of ID card printing:

Composite ID cards

These cards are also the simple kind of articles in which you do not need to install any embedded system, chip or control access. The material is a composition of two elements: PET and PVC. Where both substances are in an exact composition of forty and sixty percent. Some suppliers though sometimes supply the material in the composition of both substances in one is to one ratio.

Composite ID cards

Pre-Printed cards

There are few ID cards where you have your names and other specifications filled manually and the complete details can be filled later providing the flexibility of time and efforts. These kinds of ID cards are usually used in the companies with deal with new employs and trainees almost on a daily basis.

Proximity ID cards

These kinds of cards have the information which can only be read and cannot be edited, once is taken out. If the updates and corrections are to be made, he has to get the new ID card printed out. The cards can be read through any possible card reader available.

Proximity ID cards

School ID card

These cards are the cheaper form of PVC cards. The ID cards have the frames and case embedded inside. The ID card’s information has to be updated every year for the new students and thus have a seasonal requirement every year.

Visitor access card

This kind of card is formed just for the visitor who appears occasionally. The printing is in a standard format on a plain paper with a tag of ‘Visitor’.

Visitor access card

Bio-Degradable Cards

These cards are the type which is a great initiative taken by Go Green MNCs. The cards can be decomposed with a surety of safe environment.

Over Laminated Cards

When the PVC material card is laminated, they become bearable to tears by the thickness of lamination plastic. The lamination has a glossy and matte layer.

100% PVC card

The 100% PVC card is made up of PVC material as the name suggests. The card is the simplest kind, where no embedded system is installed nor any access control is given. These are of a standard size 84*56 mm as one type and the other type 56*84 mm. The choice remains with you if you want to get the Icard in the portrait mode or landscape one.


Top 9 ID Card Printers of 2019

Whether you run a business, school, university or just require a photo identification you require a proper ID card printer. If you do not hire an agency for the purpose, you must have a proper knowledge which printer is the best suited for your environment.

Following is the list of top ID cards you can consider:

Magic Card ProntoMagicard-pronto-id-card


It comes with a software installed of Bando Bronze which provides not just drag and drop layout but also the premade templates of different kinds. The printer also ensures the most professional looking recognition taglines and borders which are possible. It also comes with a two-year warranty. With easy set up, it can also print one dimensional bar codes. It has drawback, it jams very occasionally.

Alpha Card pilot

When there is on demand production, the production must be quick and hence this printer is the best suited for such conditions. It boosts up the speed to thirty-five seconds to color the wholesome and just seven seconds for monochrome printing. It becomes an ideal printer for small business with a hand fed operation which eliminates a storage need. It has an integrated watermark system which is important for the firms who like to place a tag. It also accepts the re-writable cards. The drawback of this is, it needs ethernet connection.

Evolis Zenius

This printer is capable of taking it as a challenge in printing any form of cards and is very good with it. Be it for an employee badge or transportation pass, Evolis Zenius is the best one. The cord software installed work together with intuitive interface and configuration system to monitor and manage internal functions and display relevant information.

Badgy 100


The cost effective printer with plug in drivers and play drivers which is operable for both operating systems, windows and Mac. The compact in design and includes fifty blank cards for printing. It also has a built in notification system which provides a trigger utility. The drawback is, it does not offer edge to edge printing.

Datacard SD260

This printer is best suitable in providing vibrant colors with superior color management programming. Though the driver installation takes time but internal parts are biodegradable. It has built in low supply alerts. The draw back is, it is heavy in size.

Fargo Dual Sided

It is feasible in creating a professional quality membership card in no time. It has many features embedded, giving all in one appearance which includes, an on-board camera, capability of holding a card with thickness of 9 to 40mm. It has an automatic ribbon detection and is energy efficient.

Evolis Primacy


The printer is both windows and mac compatible. It has an efficiency of printing a whole batch of 120 single sided printed cards in mere one hour. With integrated ethernet connectivity, multiple users and work together even from different locations. Has a drag down customization.

Magicard Enduro 3E

With bright lcd to easy reading facility and unique HoloKate technology, it outstands the competition. It can make colored cards in mer twenty-five seconds. It also has an option of four integrated watermark application

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