9 Tools used in making ID CARDs

Creating an ID Card can be among home-based businesses that are quite profitable, besides because the price of the device and materials are not too high, the consumer ID Card users are also quite a lot. These consumers are for example in educational institutions, companies, organizations, communities, and other communities.

The equipment used to create an ID Card is not too much, the material used can also be from the paper that can be purchased at a paper shop, or even with PVC materials that can be purchased in sheet format and can also be purchased in the Instant ID Card format. (Read also: How to Make an ID Card for Employees and Event Organizers). Some of the devices and materials used to create ID cards include:

1. Camera

The camera is among the tools used to generate image images in the form of portraits that will be printed on the ID Card. There are not a few types and brands of cameras that can be used, from pocket cameras to DSLR cameras that have high resolution.

The excellent camera used to make ID Card portraits is a digital camera type of DSLR (digital single lens reflex), which is a camera that uses a mirror to show light from the lens to the viewfinder. The advantages of this DLSR camera in addition to the excellent picture results, this type of camera is also capable of storing portrait files in digital format.

For the images obtained from shooting to be maximal, it requires many supporting equipment such as flash/flash, tripod, and background that are used as background objects to be photographed. Usually, the knowledge needed is blue, red and can also be multiplied with a colorful experience.

2. Computer

A set of machines is needed to create designs and print ID cards. Some applications used for this process are vector-based design software such as Corel Draw or can also use Adobe Illustrator. Whereas to change photo images can use Adobe Photoshop. Portrait images obtained from DSLR cameras still need to be processed so the results can be maximized. At least with the help of a computer, the photo can be resized to match the required ID Card size.

3. ID Card Printer

To print a design that has been obtained by a computer, a printer is needed that can be used to print PVC material. This printer can be an ID Dard exclusive printer or other digital printers. As for many brands of printers to print these cards, for example, the brands Fargo, Zebra, Datacard, Evolis, Nisca, HiTi, Pointman, and others.

All Inkjet Printers can be used to print ID cards, solely to produce good prints, need to choose a printer that prints sharply. The level of image quality of the printer is often expressed in dots per inch or DPI. The higher the DPI resolution, the better the image will print.

4. Lamination Machine

Lamination machines are one of the tools that are useful for attaching printed PVC material so that they can stick firmly. The size of the lamination machine itself generally consists of 3 sizes, namely the small size to laminate the ID Card or KTP, the medium size as large as A3 paper, and the large size that can laminate paper that is up to 450 cm in size. To laminate ID cards, you can use small or medium size laminating machines.

From each lamination machine has two heating system options, namely the Hot Shoe (Tube) system which has the advantage of faster heating and the second Mica Heating system, the heating process is more stable.

5. ID Card Punch Machine

ID Card Punch Machine or better known as this device has a design for easy operation and can be worked manually because it does not require electricity. This tool has a cut size of 54 x 86 and is used to shave ID Card prints with clean and neat pieces.

6. ID Card Hole Maker

ID Card Hole Maker is a tool that is shaped like a Tang that is useful for creating holes on the ID Card. In general, these types of pliers circulating in the market have two holes produced, namely oval format and circle format.

For pliers that produce oval format holes have a hole size of 3mm x 13 mm. While the circular hole on the ID Card has many diameter options namely 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm.

7. PVC ID Card Material

Raw materials for creating ID cards that are very commonly used are PVC materials. This material is not a bit circulating in the market in 3 colors namely plain white, silver and gold. PVC material consists of three layers, namely 2 transparent materials that have a thickness of 0.15 mm used as a printed media, and 1 thick PVC material (0.46 mm) which is used as a location to attach the two transparent materials.

The size of PVC material sold can be in the form of large sheets (20 × 30 cm) or can be selected as PVC Instant material with a capacity of 54mm x 86mm. Each of these sizes is often sold in 50 sets/pack.

8. ID Card Place

ID Card from PVC material besides can be punched directly, there is also available ID Card location that can be given a hanging rope. There are various colors and basic ingredients on the market, ranging from plastic, fabric, leather or other synthetic materials.

9. ID Card Strap

The ID Card strap is useful for hangers that are commonly used with techniques worn around the neck. In addition to the format of the strap, there is also a rope that is associated with a Yoyo ID Card that can be used on a shirt pocket.

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