9 Things That Must be Printed on The Employee ID Card

The existence of ID cards in a company has essential benefits, both for employees and for superiors. This card will become an identification as well as a practical information provider at the job site. It can also be used as a security tool and a special tool to access many areas in the office. So, what content or components must be on the card?
Make Sure These 9 Things Are On Your ID Card

Photos of Employees

This component is the first thing that becomes the standard of an identification card. Photos must be placed on the front of the card and easy to see. The function of this employee portrait is as a very credible employee identification device. He even almost like interesting fingerprint information aka different in each.

Company Logo

The next component that must be printed on the ID card is the company logo. The aim is certainly to show the professionalism and eligibility of the company. Make sure the company logo is created attractive, clear, and has an elegant appearance. Later, the color and design of the card must be consistent with the appearance of the company’s logo so that it doesn’t look mismatched.

Personal Information

Because an ID card does not have a size that is too large, then make sure the personal information listed is not excessive. What is very important is information on name, position, and employee number.

Data Code

In this modern era, there have been not a few ID card innovations that are integrated with data code information. Call it to code coding in the style of barcodes, RFID tags, and smart chips. These features are useful as a store of employee information to identification devices to access company buildings. In this way, the security of the company is automatically maintained.


To increase the authenticity of the identification card, you can add the employee signature component to the card. This can also be used as a security rule, where the signature placed by the employee must be identical as stated on the identification card.

More Securities

Still not satisfied with the level of security of the employee identification card that we made? You can add more security value to your employee card. The method can be by attaching employee fingerprints or handing a hologram layer to the card. Both of these techniques will minimize the multiplication of identification cards by irresponsible individuals.

Strong material

So that the ID card is not easily damaged, then you must choose a card that is durable and withstands a lot of interference. An example of a kind material recommendation is PVC or plastic material that can last up to five years. Avoid using paper materials as raw material for identification cards. Because this material is easily torn, not waterproof, and easily fade.

Card Shape

In general, the format of a company identification card is a rectangle. The position can be in a vertical or horizontal position. Well, there are times when you have to consider the position format of this ID card. If employees use the ID card, each of them comes to the customer. Then the card format is recommended to contain much company marketing information.

Card Design

Card design must look attractive but still have functional properties. Choose a card design that matches the company’s identity. Besides, through the right design and graphics, you can indirectly say a message about your company. For example, our company is in the world of buying and selling batik cloth. So it is recommended that the card be given a certain batik motif design.

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